Sunday, June 26, 2005


Kekekeke. Breaking news! Koreans are making headlines again. Park Myung-hwan, a pitcher for the Doosan Bears, rattled the sports industry the world over when his personal cooling unit cabbage leaf fell out of his cap during a game. It's pretty endearing that while American baseball players get caught for corking bats and doing steroids, the worst Koreans can do is stuff some frozen vegetable on their heads. And cabbage, so innocuous. Maybe he would have gotten ejected if it were more badass, like chilli pepper or seaweed. I love how the committee ruled that cabbage leaves will only be permitted now with a doctor's note in advance. Despite these shenanigans, he still won the game 4 - 2. (Picture lifted from somewhere else.)


Anonymous said...

hello minsuh

this is dan choi from boston.

i read your stuff to procrastinate for an hour. you're a funny and entertaining girl, thanks

you should quit smoking. but i must admit, you look cool holding a cigarette

minsuhson said...

hey dan. i'm here to serve. i can't be the only one procrastinating around here. my plan is finally coming together. mwuahahaha.

by the way, that isn't a cigarette in my hand. it's a very short white stick with which i am about to give someone a little whoopass!