Friday, June 24, 2005

breakfast at gehry's

The Gehry building in downtown LA (a.k.a. Disney Concert Hall) was at long last sandblasted at the behest of nearby residents who had the nerve to complain of searing temperatures and temporary blindness from its reflective surfaces. The myopic bastards. Now the surfaces of the building have a brushed aluminum texture like that of a well-driven Delorean and has lost the razzle dazzle of polished steel. There's nary a mirrored surface in sight. While it is still beautiful, it's hard not to feel a sense of loss over the senseless degradation of something so artistically bold and, well... shiny.

The insufferable philistines live here.

And would rather wake up in the mornings to this.

Than to a shinier this. On a more inspirational note, Frank Gehry is working on building his ‘dream house’ in nearby Venice beach. While it appears to still be in it's planning stages, I can’t wait to see what this could possibly look like. I think I may have to be its first stalker. If houses can be stalked that is. (And yes, I'm still jetlagged if anyone's wondering...)

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