Tuesday, August 08, 2006

picnic at the tar pits

At an outdoor screening of Cinema Paradiso this past weekend, I saw Joe Mantegna, a guy who I've had a crush on since I saw him in The House of Games in which he, a professional card player, delivers my all time favorite line:

"So, you wanna see how a truly bad man plies his trade?"

He had me at "so". Never mind that he's a hundred years old now. I could recognize that buttery soft voice anywhere. But alas, I think he's already taken. If a stranger happened to sidle up next to me and whisper that line in my ear, I think I'd have to bear his children.

In any case, this topped off a spectacular night outside. Just spectacular enough that I finally managed to stay awake through the whole movie, which in the past was not for a lack of trying. Cinema Paradiso ranks among my top ten snoozers, right up there next to Yentil. And at least Yentil is broken up with some catchy song and dance numbers... "Papa, can you hear me...?"


Enormous Packages of Chicken said...

Ho. Lee. Shit. I can't believe you saw him. If I'd been there, I would have sidled up to HIM and whispered "So, you wanna see how a truly bad man plies his trade?" And he probably would have answered "Not really," because he would have realized that I'd confused fantasy with reality, but all the same, I would have said it, and I could carry that to the grave with me. The House of Games: Top 10 All Time, and fuck the critics.

minsuhson said...

Yo "enormous".

I definitely thought of you when I saw him. It is a grace a toi that I ever saw that movie. But I get first dibs on him cuz I'm a girl and you'd just freak him out. I don't want to see anyone have to get hurt. Or led away in a strait jacket.

enormous packages of chicken said...

Ok, you can have him. For now.

Anonymous said...

your friends are cute minsuh

keeping dissertin