Friday, December 02, 2005

for huck's sake

This day isn't starting well. I'm staring at a brown spot the shape of Australia on my once creamy carpet. I was walking across the floor with a cup brimming full of coffee and sneezed just as I reached my desk. But damn if the coffee wasn't worth it. I was going to write about something totally different today after my brief post-Thanksgiving hiatus, that is before I started checking my email and realized that today is the "For Huck's Sake" benefit party. Even if you're not going to be in San Francisco you should rouse your weary fingers from your keypad and take a look at this story about Huck Gee, an artist who is being deported by U.S. Homeland Security for a crime he was convicted of as an 18 year old that involved a $5 bag of marijuana. It makes you want to pull your hair out.

And for those of my friends who never got around to getting your citizenship (you know who you are) you might want to do something about it before you guys get the boot too. Who knows what is in store for you if you don't. I don't know if they get the internet in North Korea. Will write more as soon as I get that damn spot off the floor.

(Photo from Huck's website.)

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