Thursday, November 24, 2005

the bird is the word

Q: What did the mama turkey say to the baby turkey?

A: 까불지마! (nyuknyuknyuk)

Happy Thanksgiving!


helen said...

Oy. That's painful.

Dumb Montag said...

Google gives the following translation:
"It does not act rashly E"

Either that's not an ideal translation, or I don't get the joke.

helen said...

It's a common phrase that mothers say to their children. Like "stop playing around" but in Korean, the literal sounds like "gobble gi ma" hence the joke. Correct me if I'm wrong, Min Suh. You are much more proficient at this.

Montag said...

Neat. Thanks, Helen. Good one.

minsuhson said...

Sometimes I think the mysteries of the Korean language are better left unraveled to the unsuspecting. Imagine, before you knew the punch line you thought the joke must be culturally complex, possibly deep, least of all hilarious. But now you know the sad truth, which is that it's cheesy and not that funny. Damn.

Might I add the duality that the line can be understood as "stop horsing around" or "stop gobbling". Still lame, huh.

I still love it though and plan to post it every year!

Montag said...

I'm going to start telling my kids, "Stop acting rashly!" especially at big turkey-dinner-eating events.

I'll admit that something gets lost in the translation, but at least I'll know it's funny.

It will become a quirky family tradition that becomes more disconcerting (ie: funny, to me) over time as I grow older and my mental faculties come more and more into question.

Years after I'm gone my grandkids will find this comment thread on some household device equiped with a pin-head sized chip containing the entire historical contents of the internets. How they will laugh then!

I smell a legacy.