Saturday, October 08, 2005

jesus is batting for the other team

I blame the collapse of the Red Sox on Jesus. The melting polar icecaps, the two supreme court nominations, Brad and Jen's breakup, the Tony Danza show, and now a 3 game sweep. . . Jesus is throwing his flock to the wolves. I think he better let up on the "batting practice" and get back to work if this Christianity thing is going to stay afloat.

Not the best marketing concept, but the truly devout can purchase these disturbing figurines here. Though I am heartened to know that Jesus appears to receive as well as he gives. (Let's thank the Reverend Doctor for the link.)


Anonymous said...

real nice.

do you have religion?

minsuhson said...

i still believe in the red sox... does that count?

Anonymous said...

"Many customers have requested these Jesus Sport Statues depicting children other than Caucasian and playing other sports..."

How about Jesus Sport Statues depicting Jesus other than Caucasian?

minsuhson said...

you mean there's more than one jesus?!

Anonymous said...

There's Hispanic Jesus, Black Jesus and, of course, Jewish Jesus. (I think they're all the same guy though. But I'm no scholar of Christianity.) Perhaps it's a marketing thing.

And then there is Black Jesus.

minsuhson said...

black jesus = milli vanilli?