Tuesday, August 16, 2005

it was. . . this. . . big

Okay. So it looks like a freaking sardine. But check out the spots and the coloring. Isn't it a beautiful fish? If anyone tries to tell you that fly fishing is difficult, the first thing you should do is spit in their eye. They're lying to you. I'll tell you the real truth. I walked two miles up the side of this mountain, hauling a pack weighing 40 pounds or something at 8,000 feet above sealevel so that I thought my lungs would pop out of my face. And when I got to the top of the mountain, there was a beautiful lake, blanketed in a fine mist that could have been terrifying if it wasn't so damn beautiful up there. I dropped my gear, had my pole deflowered with line and flies and then I hurled that thing, ignorantly, flies and all, into the glassy water. On that throw I thought, "Oh shit, I just got snagged on a rock," but that "rock" turned out to be the first (and my last) catch of the day--a reddish green, stripey cutthroat trout that is apparently an endangered species because retards like me come up and fish them out of the water. Well I'll be damned. Of course, if not for the magical scene created by the mist, fishing might have really sucked the big one because quite frankly, it was cold as ass out there. It was raining. The fish were small. And I wasn't catching a damn thing after the initial 5 minutes had elapsed. But it was indeed beautiful. We had a good bottle of wine with bread and cheese because, it's all about the details. And of course, it was fun whipping that thing around my head in the air. Yeehaw. Alright so I think I can admit it now. Fly fishing is very very difficult. Most of the time my line was so long that it was flapping around getting caught in the long grass. I even nearly snagged a duck. Having thus worked up a significant appetite, my comrades and I trudged back down the mountain four hours later, soaking wet and chilled to the bone, trying our best to make it down safely without sliding on all the horse manure on the the trail. You have to keep all your wits about you to survive in the wilderness.

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