Wednesday, July 20, 2005

mackadociously verklempt

I think about language a lot. Mostly because I somehow chose a career path that requires me to understand classical Chinese, a language that is pretty much totally unintelligible to me. Let me tell you, my Kungfu's a joke. I've also been plowing through a translation for the past week. A translation that reminds me everyday how shabby my grasp of the Korean language is. All this makes me wonder at what point language acquisition becomes fun. And what is the difference between fun and funny? Take for example the hilarity in the fobby misuse of language. To native English speakers, there is nothing more delightful than hearing "I am fat boy, it's be cool!" Is it the latent sense of cultural superiority? Is it simply the mistransmission of signs and meanings? I don't know the answers but I do know that it is possible for language to be a joy to learn. That happened to me last night on (snaps to my BFF2 in nyc for the link). This site is an example of the evolution of language in its purest form showing us with the greatest clarity how language is an expression of our changing cultural identity. For lack of a better word, it leaves me totally and completely verklempt and shit. Respeck.

Here are some gems of the verbal stylings going on in our English speaking world today:

g to da bizzears
Ayyo foo don't be trippin'...give me back that bag of G to da Bizzears befo' I bust a cap in yo ass! (They're talking gummy bears here yo.)

i be goin thru bitches like rags to riches
Dayum, i be goin thru bitches like rags to riches.

Iatoala Gomainy
I would go paintballing with your group, but last time that guy name Poulen went Iatoala Gomainy on me and shot me in the neck 4 times. He is crazy.

Last night I got totally kablastafucked.

Mackadocious Sweet was lookin' mackadocious again in his $2000 suit, velvet hat and Gucci shoes.

A bitch got to understand that you ain't in love, like a square. This ain't matrimony, this is mackrimony.

And my personal favorite...
na mean
Yo I stuck a fuckin cucumber right up that slut's asshole, na mean?
Sup dawg. I got dat girl na mean and we went to mah house, na mean? And we got our fa-reek on na mean nigga? Shoot i wanna hit dat ass uno mo time na mean nigga?

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