Monday, June 13, 2005

flush once for yes

Every now and again I get the bejeezus scared out of me by the loudspeaker system that is invisibly integrated into the apartment that I'm staying in. Like today, I was sipping a cup of coffee, catching up on my emails, when blasting from the walls was a disembodied female voice making announcements out of nowhere. I had to peel myself off the ceiling. Later as I was sitting on the loo minding my own business the phone began ringing right behind my ear from a speaker in the wall. Someone set me up the bomb. Do I pick up? Speaking on the toilet must be one of the most uncivil acts made possible by modern technology. Are we now at a place where such indiscretions are socially permissable? Or am I just being overly squeamish about friends dropping bombs in the bathroom while I'm on the line. I'm losing any sense of what is right and good in this world anymore. Someone help me out here.


fehlleistungen said...

a la david sedaris just tell your caller that you're "opening a jar" in case of any unseemly grunting.

minsuhson said...

or "doing pushups"?