Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Despite my complete disinterest in George Clooney as an actor or sex figure, I spent the greater part of my dreams last night stroking his stubbled cheek with the back of my hand. I can still feel the prickliness of it. It was so tender and intimate that I think I am now totally smitten with him. Can someone give me a good reason to feel otherwise? I really don't want to have to give Joe Mantegna the boot.


Montag said...

The answer has been in front of you all along: Mike Lowell (Red Sox, 3B.)

He's earned the nickname in our house of 'George Clooney Guy.' K says he's a dreamboat.

And with his .988 feilding average, how can I disagree?

minsuhson said...

But Lowell's batting average leaves a lot to be desired. Who cares how well you field if you can't wield the big stick?

Anonymous said...

not really one for celebrity heartthrobs, i have to admit to a slight clooney crush. it probably has something to do with all those thursday nights spent watching him parade around in scrubs when i should i have been doing problem sets but hey, i was young, innocent and pre-med. besides good night and good luck was so brainy and did you hear him bust out the broken farsi in syriana???