Thursday, February 23, 2006

the dragon whips its tail

In an uncharacteristic departure from my general policy not to post pictures of myself, I'm publishing this picture to prove to my beloved friends that I indeed still live.

Here is a curtailed list of some of the things that have prevented me from writing anything:

Olympic curling, out of town visitors, karaoke, car wreck (okay maybe just a bump), grey goose martinis, 2 am chacharoni, Alee, huge fight with the BFF, minor fight with the dad, teaching, and did I mention olympic curling? All while ineffectively trying to make progress with my dissertation.

What I learned from all of this was that human relationships are require work. Sometimes if you're lucky, everything happens effortlessly so that there is a seamless flow between one's personal and professional life, but in most cases you have to make sacrifices to make one or the other succeed. And in the past week I've dropped the ball in showing how much my real friends mean to me.

So on a very personal note, I'd like to send out this belated Valentine's message to the following people:

1. To my "not-so-secret" admirer, thanks for the anatomically correct one pound chocolate heart. It is so grotesque/lovely that I cannot bring myself to eat it.

2. To the Hanscoms, my adopted family, thanks for being a constant in my life.

3. To Alleycat, thanks for making me miss you more.

4. To Kathleen, eat more sushi and call me in the morning.

5. To Walter and Lambda, I wait with bated breath for your visit.

6. Ditto for Anne.

7. To Lily, Happy Birthday.

8. To Rebecca, when life gives you lemons get your legs waxed.

9. To Strongsad, someday Marzipan will answer her phone. In the meantime, stop letting Homestar smoke so much.

10. To "the other Cho", I'll be in Boston in July.

11. Luigi, I know you're out there somewhere. I miss you.

12. And last of all, to the Xoo. Please don't be mad at me anymore. I'm not perfect but trying my best. I have a pig in a blanket and I'm at your door. If you hear me knocking, let me in.

Apologies to anyone else who is reading this. But sometimes you just have to bring it down and keep it real.


helen said...

YEAH!!! I can't wait till you come to see me. Do you need a place to stay?

minsuhson said...

I'm shacking up in a hotel but I'll let you know when I'm going to be in town. :)

stephen kang said...

i love chacharoni.

fehlleistungen said...

Glory be. She lives.

Montag said...

I tried following the advice you had for Rebecca. WTF? That supposed to be like the 'chemical burn' scene in Fight Club, or something?! Something about reaching rock bottom? Damn.

Word Verification Acronym Game (WVAG): Hirsute Fellow Wrestles Gordian Questions of the Veracity of his Clout

anne said...



See you in 3 weeks.

minsuhson said...

Wow. If you think that's HOT, then you should see what I had on under there. Actually, I was naked.

And Montag, you managed to totally stump me with your WVAG. So forgive me if this is a leap in logic but is it in all related to how to arrive at your cyborg name?

Mine is "Mechanical Intelligent Neohuman Skilled in Ultimate Harm Sabotage and Online Nullification" (Thanks Pawl)

Montag said...

Similar, but human generated and thus much more time consuming.

It's just a trend I'm trying to start: making an acronym for the "word verification" code some sites-- like this one --use to filter out spam.

So here is a John Henry style match-up of man vs. machine.

Cyborg Name Decoder: Digital Robotic Organism Assembled for Violence and Accurate Sabotage [Time < 1 second.]

Montag: Devising a Remarkable Orthodoxy of Amusement by Valuing Aberrant Semantics. [Time = 6 minutes.]

Ahh, but mine was 'on topic.' Ha! But admittedly less cool...

minsuhson said...

Disingenuous Trolls Make Zoos Extemporaneously Xray Giraffes.

2 minutes.
I got screwed over with the Xs and Zs.
Who's the bigger geek now?
Probably me.