Saturday, December 31, 2005

to be cont'd...


Montag said...

Surely this is not the end of Two Sheets to the Wind?!

This is not the way the Blog ends.
It ends with a bang.

I'm sorry I wasn't around to say "happy birthday," nor did I know about it ahead of time. Anyways, Happy New Age.

minsuhson said...

hi montag,

sorry to disappoint. i thought about it, i did, but as a non-believer of resolutions, top-ten lists, the easter bunny, god, liberty and justice, i just couldn't summon up a good reason to write anything to mark the end of the year.

but have a good one everybody!


Anonymous said...

Is that off of Westwood, just south of Pico?

minsuhson said...


Montag said...

No disappointment here. Glad you're keeping going, even if you don't resolve to do so.

Two thousand zero seven, party over, oops, no more kicks.
So, tonight we're gonna party like it's two thou-sand and six!

--Prince: slightly adulterated.

Anonymous said...

i expected more from you.
you no make me laugh no mo'
even before it started....i don't think its going to work out.

we are NOT mfeo. unless you can change me mind.

the pink spinster

Montag said...

Ouch! Gutting!

The Pink Spinster, I won't even get into how unfunny your comment is. Except to say, "that shit aint funny."

You are probably right, we were not MFEO.

I simply cannot be funny all the time. I'll try harder in the future.

PS: No I won't.

minsuhson said...

let's settle down kids. don't make me have to pull the car over or you'll have to walk home...