Friday, September 09, 2005

everything under heaven

Omigod. The Chinese invented everything. Most of these discovered thousands of years before they were figured out in the West. What the frack were they doing over there without a rudder and wheelbarrow for godsakes?

Iron plow (5th c. BC)
Wallpaper (3rd c. BC)
Paper (2nd c. BC)
Fortune cookie (2nd c. BC)
Steel from cast iron (2nd c. BC)
Blood circulation discovered (2nd c. BC)
Wheelbarrow (1st c. BC)
Boat rudder (1st c. AD)
Suspension bridge (1st c.)
Compass (3rd c.)
Stirrup (3rd c.)
Algebra (3rd c.)
Umbrella (4th c. )
Toy helicopter rotor and propellor (4th c.)
Kungpao chicken (5th c.)
Matches (6th c.)
Chess (6th c.)
Solar wind discovered (6th c.)
Gunpowder (8th c.)
Paper money (9th c.)
Moveable type (11th c.)
Flamethrower (12th c.)
Bursting shells and mines (14th c.)
Panda Express (15th c.)


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