Monday, September 19, 2005

bronzing frogs

The harvest moon did indeed work its magic this weekend as I froze my ass off in the coldest warm weather city on the West coast. San Francisco is much more beautiful than I remembered it though its arctic winds are as biting as ever. I attribute my former dislike of the city to having spent too much time on Haight street where I had to wade knee deep through curbfuls of young homeless kids wearing $300 sunglasses calling me "chink bitch" for not giving them change. You can imagine how heartbroken I was to find them gone. But this time around, the crisp air, tourists hanging off the trolleys, and the icing colored victorian mansions lining its steep streets just seemed so lovely and picturesque. This is the first time I imagined it might be a good place to live. It doesn't hurt that my friend Cameron was a most excellent host and took me to a couple of great bars.

Here he is trying to assemble furniture to fill an otherwise empty apartment. A humble beginning to a soon to be majestic bachelor pad. Boom chicka bow.

His pretty ceilings.

View from his window. Admirable use of space.

The mark of a true friend. He didn't kick me out despite my nasty ass feet. This was the aftermath of walking home from a show in my bare feet where apparently I was lucky not to have stepped on crack vials and broken needles. My only true downfall were my four inch heels.

The zeitgeist. A truly great outdoor bar. The air is smokey with bbq and they have nice beers on tap. In the three hours we spent here we saw a girl flash her ass and then her tits, guys doing things with yo-yo's I didn't know were possible, and some very romantic face sucking. What more is there you can ask of a bar?

This is the last of my summer travels. A good way to end it.

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