Thursday, August 04, 2005

wet martinis

I woke up today still drunk from the night before. Me thinks it had something to do with seven vodka martinis and a bunch of Canadians. At 3 am we moved ourselves to the Wilshire Grand where everyone stripped down to their skivvies and went swimming in the hotel pool. Of course, no one was registered there. Fortunately I kept my wits about me and took a nap in a deck chair until things settled down. But there is a moral to the story somewhere here... ah yes, the moral is, if you're going to drink, make sure you do it poolside so you can watch drunken Canadians doing the jack-knife wearing tighty whities and wet plaid shirts. Aw yeah.

Thanks Lily for the good time last night. Safe trip home.


Anonymous said...

nice picture

y don't u quit your phd and become a drunk photographer? i think u'd be just as a happy, if not happier

hey steve jobs's commencement address this june at stanford is a nice bit of inspiration and career advice

Anonymous said...

that was me, dan choi