Saturday, August 20, 2005

sweet caroline

The Sox lost 4-2 to a sold out crowd of 44,014 fans at the Angels stadium today. I wouldn't have minded so much if Angels fans weren't such a bunch of pussies. They have a big chip on their shoulder about not being nearly as good and having only a tenth of the personality. At least I got to see some of my favorite players in action today. Damon and Manny were fooling around as usual in the outfield. And Sox fans, are still crazy the world over.

View from left field.

Damon and Kapler shooting the shit, or something.

The worst sign ever.

You can take the Red Sox nation out of Boston . . .


Montag said...

At least they avoided the sweep by winning yesterday. And the Yankees are still 4 games back (I'd rather they were 7 back tho.)

And Big Poppy bunted for a base hit!

Go sox.

minsuhson said...

Yeah, tell me about it. I should have gone to Sunday's game...