Saturday, July 23, 2005

i stand corrected

For chrissakes. This is what I get for having other Ph.D. students as friends, friends who should be writing the third chapter of their dissertation instead of procrastinating by reading and fact-checking the illiterate nonsense I post here. As Fehlleistungen so aptly pointed out, there is indeed no such movie as Booty Cop. It is actually titled Busty Cops. Though I think my version is arguably more provocative and enticing, I will allow that it is a matter of subjective judgment whether a person prefers the booty to the busty. But who pray tell if given the choice would not be of the booty persuasion? And while all this may put into question my capacities as an accurate historian, I venture to say that it does not compromise my unfailing good taste in movie selection!


Fehlleistungen said...

Aha. Busty Cops: "Maxie (Nikki Nova), Ashley (Angela Little), and Chloe (Jesse Jane) are the deadly anti-crime unit known as the Busty Cops. They take a bite out of crime, right after they screw it senseless." (J.K. Radtke,

Especially intriguing: "The ladies, when not on the job, spend their time hosed down in chocolate syrup, or posing before a rock bed on the ocean. When they need to regroup, they head to the Fortress of Bustitude."

Fortress of Bustitude, indeed.

minsuhson said...

Ok, you're really starting to worry me. Put the mouse down and step away from the computer. Do it slowly. Let me see the hands.

Montag said...

I vote 'booty' (all day.)

Though, I can't help but wonder how you could have made such a mistake. Those girls on the cover have such narrow little asses. As an alternate title, Bony Ass Cops just doesn't have that ring to it that screams "commercially viable."

My vote for best porn movie title from the past few years: Saving Ryan's Privates.


helen said...

Damn girl. If you're watching that trash, you are DEFINITELY procrastinating.

minsuhson said...

one man's trash is another man's bounty. or is it booty...?

Velvet Ditty said...

I have been reading your posts the last few days..........hilarious!

Anonymous said...

hey, i really dug that blog you linked 2

girl is crazy. makes me feel like a cube. i worship her.

- dan choi