Sunday, June 19, 2005

don't leave me this way

My last post from Seoul. And as all good things must come to an end, so must there be a rocking good party to mark this end. I was honored last night to have a farewell party thrown on my behalf, surrounded by good friends on a warm summer's night. Hose and Hijoo hosted this genteel affair where wine was consumed by the gallons, impromptu dances were performed to flutes and drums, and a good time had by all until the police came to break things up. Thank you to all my peeps for taking care of me while I was out here and for making this time so special. I really hate to go. Not just because of the balmy nights and good company but because now only a long lonely road stretches before me and the rest of this blog will be full of my bitching and moaning. You might as well stop reading from here on. But to prolong the great memories, here are some more pictures of my last hurrah.

Hijoo putting out and laying it down.

A bird's eye view of the debauchery.

One for the road. The infamous pojangmacha.

If memory serves me right, I fell off the stool right before I took this picture and cracked this woman up.

To sleep perchance to dream. Goodbye random drunk people. Goodbye subways. Goodbye crooked alleyways. Goodbye funny taxi drivers, endless construction, smokey bars, crowded streets, and cute boys with Bruce Lee hair. Goodbye sleepless city.


cameron said...

I'm sure you're sorry to leave, but we're happier to have you back.

And just for the record, that last photo proves that Koreans are so much harder core than Irish people it's ridiculous.

bloviate said...

Don't go Mansour...Don't go! Though I'll be seeing you in two weeks, I'm already missing you since your company has made my Ilsan suburb prison square feel a lot less lonely.

Uh, btw, did cameron not know that Korean are the most hard core? It's a bit scary. That picture doesn't even do our evenings out in Seoul justice.

P.S. I would have liked to add one final image to our farewell party when after our second and final "wave shot" (each person takes a shot in wave formation) which Minsuh began, she decided to top off the night by chugging VOLUNTARILY a two liter plastic bottle of Hite beer, as we all stared, mouths gaped wide open. She topped off the evening beautifully.

aisling said...

ok. enough of saying the irish aren't hardcore. purrrlease. we regularly wake up naked in bank vaults, with money up our asses all the time.

bite me.

minsuhson said...

actually, i shudder at the thought of going head to head in a drink off against aisling. especially since i didn't know she drinks with money up her butt. those wacky irish!