Saturday, May 28, 2005

pinch my ass please

This is the subway where I spend at least 25% of my time. When I'm not on the bus which is the other 75%. I still have yet to be felt up on the subway, which has happened to every female that I know who has lived here. I take this as a personal assault on my womanhood and demand that I be squeezed on my ass immediately so that I can proudly consider myself a victimized member of the female population. Some women have even been known to carry pins on them to poke errant hands and fingers. What's wrong with my ass anyway? This is making me terribly insecure. I mean, I think it is fertile ground to be pinched and probed. Shall I start a campaign?

And is her ass any better? I'm sure she's been groped. Life is just not fair!

I bet even this guy gets more subway action than me. It's the pink isn't it?


helen said...

I'd pinch your ass Min Suh

Anonymous said...

Even I've had the experience of being felt up by a young woman in a subway car in Tokyo.


minsuhson said...

Helen, I'm flattered. Paul, thanks for making me feel even less of a woman! None of these comments are making me feel any better.