Tuesday, May 31, 2005

lost not found

This weekend, after a night of barbecuing with friends under the stars, I got sufficiently tipsy that I left the following items in a taxi on the way home: five newly purchased books, a sweater, and a jacket. This demanded a recovery operation that I hoped would not be a repeat of my cell phone fiasco. The police directed me to a national website for lost items that disturbingly lists lost children after digital electronic equipment and before domestic pets. Does anyone else see anything creepy about this? I didn't feel so bad about myself after seeing how absent minded other people have been. But there must be a more humane way of recovering lost children. And what's with the kid with the violin? To remind people of what they're missing?! I just can't bring myself to navigate this page looking for my books when other people are looking for their 3 year olds.

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