Thursday, May 05, 2005

i believe the children are our future

May 5th is Children's Day in Korea, a day when all the children are released from the prisons of their schools to enjoy free bus rides, gifts and the pleasure of not having to go to cram school. Even the banks are closed. For a country that takes such pride in raising their children and educating them, it's a wonder that they even need such a day but I think I've finally figured it out. Not only is Korea a strongly adult oriented society, where respect towards your elders is still a prevailing value, but kids just don't get to have that much fun. I mean look at the quality of their "arcade" games. Something like this is inexcusable for a country that is on the cutting edge of electronics industry. You can't tell from this picture but these game consoles only come up to my knees. Though I must admit that I am tempted by the game on the right that is tantalizingly called "The Beastorizer".

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